The "Incredible Hunk" is a Sniper weapon created by MatthewGo707.

Appearance Edit

  • it is the sniper weapon with the 20X scope, a long barrel, and the stock,

Strategy Edit

It has devastating damage, bad rate of fire, good ammo and good mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Aim through the head to deal additional damage.
  • Use this in long-medium range.
  • Take advantage of its 10X scope.
  • Use this to encounter Ghost Lantern users.
  • Its good mobility can be used for fleeing purposes and that this allows you to jump around.
  • This is good in tandem with other weapons.
  • Its devastating damage allows you to score many kill streaks.
  • Don't be fooled by its efficiency, as this is a one full headshot kill.
  • It's not silent, so you must fire sparingly.
  • This weapon can be used for ambushes or 'camping'. As it can fire for long without reloading.
  • If used in close ranges combined with precision, it heavily damages your target. Tearing the bulk of their health and armor away, making them easy to finish off.
  • As the scope heavily decreases your field of view, occasionally unscope and look at your surroundings to look for any potential attackers.

Counters Edit

  • Pick off its users from short ranges.
  • Attack its users with low-range weapon.
  • Get close with a powerful weapon, however, if you approach head-on, experienced users can kill you whilst excluding the scope. Ambush the user or attack from behind for the best results.
  • A fast-firing weapon with a scope such as the Guerrilla Rifle will make the most of the weapon's slow firing speed.
  • Avoid routes which other users are known to frequent.

Firing sound Edit

  • One Shot's

Golden Skin Edit

  • Requires Adamant League
  • Costs: 150 Coin
  • Required trophy level: 3000 Trophy

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on the Israeli IWI Galatz Sniper Rifle.
  • This is the first weapon that features the 20X scope.
  • It was previously named as Panther's Revenge, due to its design on its golden skin.