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The "Jarhead" is the Heavy weapon by MatthewGo707


It is a grenade launcher with double barrels, receiver, the grip, and the modern stock.


It has astonishingly high damage, low capacity, low fire rate, and good mobility.


  • It can be used for rocket-jumping, so getting to a higher area than other enemies improves stealth and hidden attacks.
  • Its rockets have the area damage effect, so taking out a group or team of enemies makes the weapon's rockets more effective when in use.
  • Try to aim at the ground near enemies so they can't easily avoid the rockets.
  • Enemies can easily see the rockets at long range, so fire the rockets instantly to give them a hard time at avoiding the rockets (to ensure the enemies' death quickly), or sneak attack them from behind.
  • Ideal for hitting enemy armor hard.


  • Avoid being in a group especially in Team Battle. Due this weapon has a slightly medium area damage and has quite devastating damage.
  • Rockets are easy to dodge in long distances. So pick off its users in medium-long ranges to prevent them raining rockets to you.
  • Attack its users while they are vulnerable. Like while they are reloading or standing still.

Firing soundEdit

  • Stinger's

Golden SkinEdit

  • Requires the Adamant League
  • Costs 150 Coin
  • Required trophy points: 3000 Trophy


  • This is based on the China Lake Grenade Launcher, developed in 1968.
    • However, in real life, it had limited supplies used by the military, reflecting its grade Legendary.
  • The design is very similar to Photon Shotgun.
  • Its name is probably the reference the 2005 drama/biography film Jarhead.
  • The word "jarhead" is a US Marine slang for marine.