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The "The Grinder" is the Melee weapon by MatthewGo707.


It looks similar to Chainsaw but is mishmashed with Laser Minigun with the barrels replaced by chainsaw blades and the color is purple-blue. It has the gray engine source box.


This weapon is one of the most powerful Melee weapons in the game and also has a significantly fast attack speed, but it only has bad mobility.


  • This weapon, based on the stats, is extremely powerful. With the stats showing a high efficiency of 27, combined with an attack speed of 96, this can kill a Heavy Adamant Armor player in 3 hits.
  • You may want to keep a higher mobility weapon equipped, as the mobility is only 95.
    • You can also pair this with the Berserk Boots to go faster, as it has an attribute that makes players go faster with Melee weapons
  • Players can hold the fire button for rapid damage.
  • Take advantage of its continuous chainsaw use.
  • When holding the attack button, you notice the barrel with four functioning blades spin fast, so use this as your advantage.


  • If at all possible, try to snipe the user with a long range weapon, such as the Prototype. As this is a melee weapon, the user cannot hit you from anything above close range.
  • If you own an area damage weapon, use it if enountered in a knifefight. The "The Grinder" and its upgrades can only hit point-blank in front of it, while the Storm Hammer, the Fire Orb and the Santa Sword has very tiny area damage in front of it so it is slightly easier to land the hit.
  • The "The Grinder" makes an extremely loud sputtering sound, so you know when a user is nearby.
  • DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE COMBAT WITH THIS WEAPON'S WIELDER. They will quickly kill you if you do so. Instead, use a longer range weapon such as Eva or Anti-Hero Rifle to kill them from long range.


  • Chainsaw Sword's

VS Chainsaw SwordEdit

  • Advantages
    • Continuous use when holding the fire button.
    • Has a higher damage output.
  • Neutral
    • limited range.
    • Can hit enemies only at point blank range.
  • Disadvantages
    • Has only 95 mobility.


  • This has the highest attack of all melee weapons, scoring at 100.
  • This has the lowest mobility of all Melee weapons.
  • This competes with Chainsaw Sword, as this weapon can still be used for a long time when holding the fire button.
  • This is the only weapon with quotation marks to include an article (specifically the word "the").
  • Its weight has been nerfed from 19 to 15 in one update.
  • When holding the fire button, the barrel holding four blades will spin, intensifying the damage and terror that it inflicts.