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The Air Striker is the Premium weapon by MatthewGo707.


It is a shotgun with the 10X scope with the controller board on the receiver. It has the cartridge with the target emblem.


It has great damage, inferior capacity, low fire rate, and good mobility.


  • This can be used against airborne players due to its travel time being thrice he speed of Smart Bullet Bazooka's
  • Its ability to shoot 12 homing pellets can make you unstoppable even at long range, even to the point of killing snipers.
  • Do not use this in close range as this can kill you effortlessly aside from killing the enemy.
  • Because the Air Striker fires homing missiles (or homing nanobots), use this to dispose of enemies from far distances.
  • Spam the weapon.
  • This is useful for taking down jetpack users, hence its features
  • Avoid being too close to walls, the projectiles will hit them and decreases effectiveness.
  • Claustrophobic (tight) spaces may help you easily kill your target(s).
  • Its missile heads are capable of reaching very high speeds, even hitting targets running with high mobility.
  • Benefit from the fact that it has an intelligent homing ability despite its fast projectiles, even to the point that each of its projeciles CANNOT miss the target.


  • Attack from behind.
  • Use the weapon with the mobility of 130 when you are caught by its shells
  • Avoid its blast radius.
  • Attack the user when reloading.
  • As the homing explosive shotgun shells memorize your last location, quickly get out of that location.
  • Strafe around a sharp corner or go through a doorway to avert the nanobot's path; however, do not do so too soon, as its projectiles offers high margin of error, allowing the shotgun pellets to accurately track the enemies no matter how sharp he is turning.
  • Be warned that this weapon is proven effective in long range.

Firing soundEdit

  • Stinger's


  • This is the first shotgun with the "Homing Missile" attribute.
  • It is based on the Saiga-12 shotgun.
  • Aside from Crystal Mega Destroyer and Masterpiece Musket, this is the only shotgun that is scoped.
  • It is essentially the big brother of the Smart Bullet Bazooka.