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Bank Robbery is a multiplayer map introduced in the 14.2.0 update for Pixel Gun 3D and the 4.2.0 update for Pixel Gun World as part of the Cops and Criminals update.

Appearance Edit

The map takes place at a medium-sized bank in the middle of a small city. The streets contain a collection of police vehicles, as parts of the streets are blocked off by police cars and barricades.

The police (blue team) spawns in front of bank, behind police cruisers and occasionally at the side of the building, while the robbers (red team) spawn inside the back of the bank, near the open vault.


Trivia Edit

  • There is a chance for a player to spawn on top of a rooftop that acts as an overwatch position, they are automatically switched to their Sniper weapon if they do.
  • The map also features a "Themed Weapons" checkbox, which will only allow modern weapons such as Combat Rifle, Casanova, Hurricane, and the Secret Forces SMG, weapons in the update, and sub-future weapons such as the Sub-Zero, Mercenary, and the Judge.