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The award-winning protection kit for every players who are very weak or has weaker weapons.

Born for supremacy and to be "TUF" (The Ultimate Force).

—Gadget Description
The Bullet-Proof vest is the Gadget by MatthewGo707.


It is a military-themed bullet-proof vest.


  • Armor Boost Armor Boost = Boost your armor by 100%, allowing you to survive under the onslaughts of powerful weapons.
  • Effect Absorber Effect Absorber = Allows you to safely absorb ALL negative effects (except Piercing shot and Wall Break). The following negative effects can be avoided by this attribute:
    • Poison Poison
    • Damage Transfer Damage Transfer
    • Charm Charm
    • Bleeding Bleeding
    • Anti-Regen Anti-Regen
    • Burning Burning
    • Chronoshift Chronoshift
    • Random Effect Random Effect
    • Radiation Radiation
    • Disable Jumps Disable Jumps
    • Slows Down Target Slows Down Target
    • Gadget Blocker Gadget Blocker
    • Shock Shock
    • Stuns Targets Stuns Target
    • Virus Infection Virus Infection
    • Weakness Weakness
    • And many more!


  • It is Ultra-Durable so use this when you encounter powerful enemies.
  • Use this to survive the Ghost Lantern/Big Buddy onslaughts.
  • Use this when you are extremely low in health and armor.
  • Useful for shutting down the Voodoo Snowman due to its ability to put off its effects.
  • Its ability to boost your armor by 100% allows you to survive the onslaught of enemies.
  • Take advantage of its high durability.
  • Useful whenever you are using weak weapons or only the beginner's weapon (Shotgun, Pixel Gun, Combat Knife, Sniper Rifle, Simple Flamethrower and Signal Pistol, to name a few).
  • When the enemy happens to have a Gadget Blocker weapons and/or gadgets, use this gadget BEFORE he activates the Gadget Blocker.
  • Pair this with the Ballistic Shield sp that you will be well-defended.


  • Use the Nuclear Grenade against its unwary users.
  • Use the Dragon Whistle against them.
  • Use the highly-efficient weapon against its users.
  • Its users CANNOT suffer the negative weapon effects (excluding piercing shot and wall break), so spamming the Love Spell will not do anything, except if you care about eating up their HP and armor.
  • It has 3000 HP, but Bazooka Shotgun can easily decimate such a large HP of this gadget.




  • It is based on the real-world bullet-proof vest.
  • It is the only gadget that boost your armor (by 75% for this gadget).
  • This is the most durable of all gadgets having the health.
  • This is the second most expensive of all gadgets, worth 400 gems.
  • Its "Ultra-Durable" armor is a reference from Gigabyte Technology's Ultra Durable™ series.
  • It seems to be the overpowered version of the Kevlar bullet-proof vest, considering the durability of this gadget.
  • In the quote of the weapon description, the TUF is a reference to ASUSTek Computers Inc.'s TUF, which means "The Ultimate Force", referencing its ultra-protective ability.
  • It somewhat resembles the armor vest of Anne Marie Lindholm.
  • If you equip this and the Ballistic Shield altogether, you will look like the SWAT Enforcer.
  • Its cooldown was increased to 120 seconds in 14.3.0.