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Developed as a powerful warhead of the world, the nuclear warhead features the best-in-class and world-leading damage. Its massive area of effect can instantly vaporize ALL entities including snipers within a quintillion times 1000 miles in a High wind.

—Weapon Description

As this weapon features the deadly damage and state-of-the-art area damage size, this weapon passes the strenuous weapon efficiency test, being ranked first place, being million times impressive than the second-place competitor. However, its massive blast radius prevents its use as a military weapon, for one of its shells is enough to obliterate the Earth effortlessly.
<p style="font-size: smaller; text-align: left;"><cite style="font-style: normal;">—2019 Military Benchmarks

The City Wiper is the Heavy weapon by MatthewGo707.


It resembles the Easter Bazooka and the "Sasquatch", but with the real-life rocket painted with nuclear symbol similar to Apocalypse UP1, the 10X scope.


It has brutal damage, low capacity, low fire rate, and low mobility.


  • This gun's blast radius is extremely massive.
  • DO NOT TRY TO ROCKET JUMP WITH THIS WEAPON. At levels 27-38, this weapon will take out all of your armor and a huge chunk of your health if shot at one's self.
  • Use this long range as this weapon has the massive blast radius (50 times the standard explosion by Premium weapons), considering its feature.
  • This can wipe out ANYONE in a single shell.
  • It has a scope. It can be use for snipe the enemy.
  • Its mobility is not too good, making it not suitable for running around.
  • If you did not have a Resurrection gadget, brace yourselves, you would die along with other players instantly.
  • It can instant kill all bosses in Hard mode, so use this as your advantage.
  • You cannot reload in Multiplayer unless you get killed.
    • However, you can still reload in Singleplayer modes (Arena and Campaign) but you could hold up to three reserve shells.
    • This is godly in Arena as you can instant kill all enemies in the higher wave.
  • This weapon can kill all people no matter where they are and how far they are.
  • The 8.57375e+62-meter blast radius can make the following players the juicy targets:
    • Jetpack users.
    • Battle Mech/Robot Samurai users.
    • Snipers
    • Invisible or camouflaged players.
    • Double Jumpers
    • Gadget spammers.
    • One who successfully escaped the map.
    • Ghost Lantern/Soulstone spammers.
  • This is useful as a one hit wonder against ALL monsters in Campaign and Arena.


  • Pair with the Resurrection gadget, but beware of pool of radiation it emits in large maps.
  • If the user is firing this weapon to the faraway place, be aware as the explosion will occur in no time no matter how far and how good you are able to avoid.

Firing SoundEdit

Performance benchmarksEdit

Let the numbers speak...

1. City Wiper 8.57375+^62 m Win Trophy (About 2.5% larger explosion radius)
2. Universe Wiper 4.40x10^26 m
1. City Wiper Win Trophy (Insanely high damage)
1. Universe Wiper Max Win Trophy (Insanely high damage)
2. Tsar Bomba 3000
3. Infinity Gauntlet ?
4. Arirang's Revenge 40 (Infinite when used his ultimate ability)
5. Extinctor Heavy Machine Gun ?

Based from the rigorous and accurate testing with these weapons


  • Nuclear-themed

Aftermath on certain maps after explosionEdit

  • Pool Party/Night Pool
    • Everything is in shambles and disrepair. Ashes are everywhere. Garnet-colored sky can be seen. Buildings are gone as a result of the explosion. Multiple debris can be seen in many locations.
  • D-Day
    • Tanks are completely covered in ash. Debris are everywhere. Cave-ins are evident. Ships are totaled. Garnet-colored sky is present above. Warehouses as a background are turned into ruins.
  • Space Station
    • Everything is in colossal disrepair. The drilling equipment is rusted and that it no longer spins. The space station is left with debris and falling towers. Bridges linking between two lands are severed.
  • Two Castles
    • Garnet-colored sky is present. Castles are in totsl disrepair. Status are in disrepair and is covered with black texture. Drawbridges are destroyed and fires are everywhere. Castle walls are severely damaged as a result of the blast
  • Paradise Resort
    • The entire island is totally destroyed. The lighthouse was collapsed. The ships are gone. The same goes for the trees. The Paradise Resort building is in shambles. Multiple debris and pits are everywhere
  • Area 52 Labs
    • Everything is in severe disrepair. The tank is demolished and rusted. The gates as an entrance/exit is destoryed. The guardhouse is totslly demolished into the pile debris partially blocking the pathway. The two compartments are destroyed as well.
  • Emperor's Paalce
    • All temples are completely wiped out, as does its interiors. The wall surrounding the palace is reduced to ashes. The garnet-colored sky can be seen.
  • Mining Camp
    • All vehicle equipments disappears into thin air. The living trailer is also disappeared. The cave has the walls and ores covered with ashes. The walls surrounding the play area is destroyed.
  • Heaven Garden
    • All trees are gone into thin air. The greek-like temple is covered with ash as a result of radiation. The fences as well are costed with ashes. The bridges are destroyed. The tables and chairs disappear into thin air. The gsrnet-colored sky is evident.
  • Christmas Town
    • All buildings are gone. The garnet-colored sky can be seen.
  • North Pole
    • The house-like structure is completely destroyed. The vehicles are gone. The Doppler rsdar is gone. Everything that remains untouched are covered in ashes. The garnet-colored sky can be seen.
  • Mafia Cottage (formerly "Mansion")
    • The house is in permanent disrepair. Roofs are detroyed. Debris are everywhere. Stairs are destroyed. The brick walls are covered in ash.
  • Warehouse Assault
    • All warehouses are in total disrepair. Everythinf is covered in ash and vehicles are gone.
  • King of the Hill
    • The building-like top is completely demolished. The above is covered with garnet-colored sky.
  • Parkour City 3018
    • All segments of the city in the said maps are in total disrepair. The neons are gone.
  • Block Crash
    • The arena is turned into rubbles. All destructible plstforms are gone.
  • Pirates!
    • The two ships are in disrepair. Fires are everywhere in those ships. The island is completely wiped out of player's sight.
  • Cargo Ship (Big Barge)
    • The ship is in complete wreck. The container boxes are covered in ashes. The passenger driver cab is totally destroyed. The sky is replaced with garnet color.
  • Siege
    • The castles are in ruins. The sky is dark-red. The bridges are destroyed.
  • Toy Factory
    • Everything is in total disrepair. The blades that are used to kill enemies are unusable.
  • Nuclear City
    • All buildings and vehicles disappear into thin air, and the sky is covered with red dust.
  • Silent School
    • The school is in total disrepair. Destroyed walls are everywhere and the sky is red.
  • Christmas Dinner
    • The entire map is completely wiped out (due to the weaker substance that was used to build the area). The entire foods and houses are wiped out.
  • Colosseum
    • The surrounding bleachers and closed gates are destroyed, as was the wooden bridge.
  • Anti's Life
    • The entire setting is completely gone. The sky is turned into a red dust.
  • Parkour City
    • The buildings are left with totally destroyed walls. The construction crane is entirely gone. The sky is turned into red dust.
  • Sky Islands
    • The trees are gone, as does the bridges and the tree houses. Everything are covered in ashes.
  • White House
    • The White House is in total disrepair. Multiple debris are everywhere in the hallway, even to the point of blocking the passageway. The surrounding buildings in the background are in severe disrepair, some of which have collapsed.
  • Battle Royale
    • The entire map is in total disrepair. The trees and all vehicles are entirely gone. The buildings are in severe disrepair, some of which are collapsed. The red sky is evident after the blast.


  • This is based on the Soviet RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, combined with the Tsar Bomba.
  • After the rocket have exploded, the area will look as if it is during the post-apocalyptic period (such as everything being left into disrepair by black markings everywhere).
    • As a result, this is the only weapon that could turn everything in the map to be post-apocalyptic in terms of occurrences and structures.
  • It is quite fitting to use this weapon in Nuclear City, since they both share the same theme. If you fire its projectile, then the whole map will be entirely wiped out, killing all entities.
  • This is the first weapon to introduce the feature = Radiation H-Bomb
  • This is the only weapon that has the area damage LARGER than even the largest map in the game
  • This is the only weapon that instantly kill ALL people upon explosion.
  • In real life, even the smallest tactical or backpack nuclear could wipe out anything beyond 4 kilometers or more, but the Nuclear Shotgun affects the radius of 950 quintillion meters exponentially multiplied by 3, even more than a septillion times stronger than the latter.
  • It can instant kill all Campaign Bosses, like the Tortured Prisoner, including the players.
  • Like the Shotgun of Hell, you cannot reload this weapon, unless you get killed.
  • It is an overpowered counterpart of "Sasquatch".
  • It is an EXTREMELY devastating weapon, due to the radiation's intense heat (ranging from 5,000,000,000,000 °C fo 35,000,000,000,000 °C).
  • It qualifies for the most deadliest weapon ever, as Pixel Gun 3D's random buffs allowed it to have a 1-hit kill attribute, hence its massive 950-km area damage radius.
  • Its rocket yield the mass of 950 quintitons (QT). making it the most dangerous of all Heavy weapons.
    • It also has the largest blast radius of all weapons, ranging from 950 quntimeters (QM) diameter.
    • It is also estimated that one explosion caused by this weapon is equal to the millions of Mount St. Helens eruption in May 18, 1980.
    • Also, it is also estimated that it takes a (brace youselves for this) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Hiroshima-sized H-Bomb H-Bombs that is launched in 1945 to match the explosion power of one City Wiper shell. (Theoretical)
    • In real life, explosion with such mass could wipe out the Earth, even the entire galaxy (if possible).
  • The weapons name made a lot of players feel uncomfortable about it being named "City Wiper".
  • Its fire rate has been nerfed from 10 to 1, making it the weapon with the slowest fire rate of all time.
  • This weapon was given "Enlarge projectile" and at the same time has its price raised to 9,999,999 Mythical Gearicons in 15.0.0 update.
    • As of this update, this weapon is the most expensive of all clan and Mythical weapons.
  • The bladt radius was increased exponentially by 3 (950 quintimeter)^3 = 8.57375e+62 meters
  • So far, this is the only Joke Weapon that is currently hard to obtain even by hacking.
  • It is widely well-known among players due to its superoverpoweredness, hence its massive area damage.
  • In the recent study, it is known that the City Wiper is more than 2x damaging than Universe Wiper as the City Wiper's blast radius is more than 2x larger than the competitor. However, both said two weapons shares the one-shot kill feature.
  • The recent weapon benchmark tested with utmost accuracy and precision reveas that this weapon is far more stronger than Arirang's Revenge due to its massive area damage and infinite (of max) damage.
  • In the 15.6.0 update, its mobility was reduced from 100 to 80.

Area Damage SizeEdit

World's Most Powerful Neclear Bomb - Tsar Bomba HD

World's Most Powerful Neclear Bomb - Tsar Bomba HD

Around 950 Qm (quintimeter) x 950 Qm = 8.57375e+62 meters

Hydrogen bomb explosion-0

The H-Bomb explosion animation