The Maximum Death is the Premium weapon by MatthewGo707.


It is fire-and-forget anti-tank missile with the tracking system.



It has massive damage, bad capacity and fire rate, and good mobility.


  • This is best used against airborne targets and groups of players.
  • This is best used with Singular Grenade.
  • Use swarms of missiles to increase damage.
  • Use this against the closest player for a fast kill and to conserve ammo.
  • If your aim is decent, there is no need to use this weapon as you will find direct shooting with another area damage weapon (e.g. Rocket Crossbow) much more effective.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • When the missiles are following you, try to go to a wall where the missiles will eventually hit the wall.
  • Some projectile weapons can destroy the rockets (Ex. Barrier Riflecontact detonators). But time them and give precision to your shots.
  • Due to its slow projectiles, you can use Stinger UP2, to counter them (due to its fast projectiles) in medium-short range.
  • A hard counter is to simply outmaneuver them.
    • Rocket jumping to different directions helps you escape the rockets with ease.
    • Using Berserk Boots and switching to a melee such as Dark Force Saber Up2 to outrun the bullets.
    • Using Burning TiaraDemolition MaskMy Cape(optional), and some form of double jump, allows a player to double jump repeatedly while moving in a direction to outmaneuver the bullets, this tactic allows the player to shoot at the bazooka user.
    • Using a Jetpack repeatedly rising then falling provides a massive maneuverability advantage, tip above uses similar mechanic.




  • This is based on the FGM-148 Javelin fire-and-forget anti-tank missile.
  • This is comparable to Stinger and Smart Bullet Bazooka.
  • When fired, it uses the Nuclear Grenade's explosion sound.
  • This weapon rivals with Stinger UP2, due to its counterpart's ability to home in players (though easily avoidable unlike Smart Bullet Bazooka (whose travel time is slow unlike Stinger)).