The Nuclear Explosion is the Craft Item by MatthewGo707.


  • It is a red sky with the H-Bomb H-Bomb (hydrogen bomb) explosion.


  • Increases your Heavy weapon damage by 25%.
  • Increases the Radiation Radiation leftover damage (from Nuclear Grenade or weapons with such an attribute) by 25%.
  • Decreases ALL your weapon's reloading time by 30%.
  • Decreases ALL your gadget's cooldown by 50%.
  • Increases your weapon's AoE (if applicable) size by 25%.
  • Ignore enemy's chance to ignore headshot (even by wear items)
  • Increases weapon (of all types) accuracy by 50%.


  • Nuclear-themed


  • This is the first Background Craft item introduced in Pixel Gun 3D Conception by MatthewGo707.
  • This is the only craft item that is nuclear-themed.
  • In real life, standing behind the nuclear explosion is EXTREMELY dangerous as it have higher temperature it emits and much longer range it could reach. However, in the game, the player remained unaffected by the faraway blast.
  • It seems to be the real-life aftermath after the Nuclear Grenade explodes.
  • As of 15.4.0 update, it now has an ability to reduce your gadgeg cooldown by 50% at the same time increase your explosive weapon's blast radius by 25%.
  • As of 15.6.0 update, it is now given an ability to increase the weapon accuracy by 50%.
  • It is now given in 15 7.0 update the ability to ignore the player's chance to ignore headshot (including by wear items).