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The Pixel Gun Conception Wiki, which can also be called the "Pixel Gun Fanon Wiki", is a wiki that is dedicated to content created by fans of Pixel Gun 3D & Pixel Gun World. In this wiki, the custom weapons and other stuff, which are all created by fans of the same franchise, are all called conceptions.

This wiki, which is the sister site of the Pixel Gun Wiki, was founded on July 4 2017 by JustLeafy. Unlike in the sister wiki, this wiki doesn't require an account in order to create conceptions or to comment on them. This wiki also has a dark theme, which is suitable for night readers. THIS WIKI IS NOT RELATED TO, ENDORSED BY, AFFILIATED OR ASSOCIATED WITH CUBIC.GAMES IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!!!

Featured Conception: Bastion Gun Eighteen Thousand
Bastion Gun 18000

The Bastion Gun Eighteen Thousand, also known as the "Bastion Gun 18000", is a joke Heavy weapon created by BastionMann. It is a counterpart of the Newbie Gun Nine Thousand.

It is automatic, has wall break, an 18000x zoom, area damage, it can be used for sandbox mode and it is merely a joke weapon. It is a Heavy weapon with a grade of Mythical, and it was released on August 9 2017. It has a damage of 18000, a fire rate of 18000, an infinite capacity, a mobility of 18000, an accuracy of 18000 and a range of 18000 kilometers per second. It is bastion themed, it costs 18000 Gem and the player must be level 18000 to unlock this.



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