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The Precision Machine Gun is the Primary weapon by MatthewGo707.


The weapon has a dark-blue, extendable stock, handle, magazine, handguard and reflex sight as well as a black receiver and suppressor in front of the weapon. The weapon also features the ACOG scope with yellow luminescent details on the suppressor and the receiver.


It has great damage and great mobility with a very fast firing rate, making it very effective at medium to long ranges.


  • Try to fire in bursts while engaging users at farther ranges.
  • Due to the very high firing rate, frequently reloading away from combat is recommended.
  • This weapon has extreme accuracy and a scope, take advantage of that.
  • Its scope being 10X allows you to tatget snipers with ease.
  • Its high mobility allows you to escape from chaotic situations.


  • Be wary of any users with the weapon, as the suppressor silences the weapon's shots at long ranges
  • Attack the user while reloading.
  • Use a one shot kill sniper.
  • Be aware that players will turn this weapon into the makeshift sniper weapon.




  • It resembles the Casanova, but with high fire rate, high capacity, and high mobility.
    • However, unlike Casanova, it does not slows the target upon being hit.
    • It has the higher capacity and fire rate and mobility than Casanova.
  • It is based on the Ingrams MAC 10 submachine gun, with the stock, silencer, and the 10X scope.
  • Its name reflects the weapon's intense accuracy for long-range combats.