The SWAT Pistol is the Back Up weapon by MatthewGo707.

Appearance Edit

  • it is the semi-automatic pistol with the futuristic texture and the muzzle beak and the 8X scope and the laser sight.

Strategy Edit

It has massive damage, average-low rate of fire, good ammo and good mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Aim through the head to deal additional damage.
  • Use this in tandem with premium or sniper weapons for best result.
  • Use this weapon in long-medium range.
  • Its damage is high that it can soften enemy armor just as you do with an automatic weapon.
  • Don't stand still as this can leave you vulnerable.
  • Its 8X scope allows you to turn this weapon into a makeshift sniper weapon.

Counters Edit

  • Attack the user while reloading
  • Area damage can make short work on its users.
  • Ambush its users from behind.

Firing soundEdit

  • Turbo Pistols's

Golden skin Edit

  • Requires the Adamant League
  • Cost: 120 Gem
  • Required trophy points: 3000 Trophy

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on the USP Match.
  • The SWAT Pistol and the Alien Blaster are the only Backup weapons with Ricochet attribute.
  • It resembles the Ultimacy but is futuristic-themed.
  • It also resembles the futuristic version of Red Twins, except it is a single weapon.