The Scoped Killer is the Primary weapon by MatthewGo707.


It has a long black barrel. It also looks like a souped upHeavy Machine Gun and Assault Machine Gun. It has much detail too. It has a scope and reloads like a Simple Machine Gun. It has a brown buttstock, 6X scope, and the bipod on the front.


It deals high damage, has a high rate of fire, extremely high capacity and above-average mobility.


  • Due to the high damage, firing rate, extremely high ammo, and decent accuracy, the possiblites of this weapon are virtually endless.
  • It is a worthwhile gun if you lack any good weapons when you reach levels 27 and above, as it does give its user good gameplay 90% of the time regardless of its user using any armor or boosts. It still requires basic skill, however.
  • Can be used to take on Jetpack users despite with long range inaccuracy to be more forgiving on your aim.
  • Take advantage of its 6X scope, as this is accurate in long ranges.
  • Take advantage of its high capacity and fire rate.
  • Don't stand still when taking down many enemies.


  • Use a sniper rifle or any other long ranged weapon to pick off these users.
  • Area damage weapons can make short work on its users.
  • You can always try to outmaneuver them like countering the Laser Minigun or an inexperienced Automatic Peacemaker user. Any weapon with slowdown helps with this
  • Use powerful weapons that can rival this gun like the Laser Minigun,Frank Sheepone, and many others so that you can kill your opponent before they can kill you.
  • Any one shot kill weapons can be victorious.





Scoped Killer 1

Scoped Killer 2

Scoped Killer 3