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The Sniper Bomber or uncommonly known as SGL-75 "Chiyou" is a Heavy weapon by MattbewGo707. It is the first weapon introduced in 16.0.0 update.


Designed with precision and put under stringent weapon testing, this sniper grenade launcher lobs out an extremely fast projectile that even the snipers themselves are not immune to its blasts, due to its long range capability.

Designed mainly for long-range explosion and destruction of defensive barriers, this weapon performs excellently well in doing these tasks, therefore making it deadly.

Stringent test results demonstrates that this weapon's range is up to 5 kilometers in distance... in a high wind, therefore making it effective in long ranges.


  • It is a desert-camouflaged sniper grenade launcher with the bulky build. It features the 10X scope (with two adjustable knobs on both sides), bulky 15-shell drum magazine, thick barrel and muzzle, and the bipod. On the player's side, there is a Picatinny rail placed sideways. On top of the weapon near the barrel, there is a handle.


It has supreme damage, low fire rate, average capacity and low mobility.


  • Never try to aim for the head since it cannot register headshots due to its area damage.
  • Do not try to rocket jump this weapon, since it will just take down your HP and armor.
  • Hide if you wish to reload since its reloading speed is atrocious.
  • Be aware that this weapon has a low rate of fire. Also, do not expect the fire rate glitch to work, since it was rectified in 12.5.0 update.
  • Use the 10X scope as your advantage.
  • Naturally, since it is a rocket launcher, it has a travel time, but keep that in mind that its projectile speed is extremely fast.
  • Have a backup weapon if it runs out of ammo or needs to be reloaded.
  • Equip with high mobility weapons for ease of running.
  • This is best used in heavily populated maps to take advantage of the large splash damage it unleashes.
  • Its travel time is extremely fast, making it very effective in long ranges.
  • You can use this in all ranges.
    • However, close range is not recommended due to its blast radius.
  • It is recommended to no-scope since it has area damage.


  • Attack while he is reloading.
  • Avoid staying in one place since the blast can finish you off even if you are fully armored.
  • Never be fooled by its type, since this is effective in all ranges.
  • Be warned that this weapon is effective in long range due to its rockets being 90% hitscan in terms of speed.
  • Slowing its users with slowing weapons will slow its users even further, making the users vulnerable to fast opponents.
  • Engage its users in close range using melee or shotguns, but be aware that the user will kill you regardless, even if it means killing himself.
  • Take note that its projectile is linear, not homing, so you can use Jetpacks to waste its users's ammo. Be warned if they are skilled enough when you do so.

Firing SoundEdit

  • Destruction System's


  • Military-themed


  • It is based from the Chinese NORINCO LG5/QLU-11 sniper grenade launcher.
  • Its technical (but original) name is the SGL-75 "Chiyou".
  • Chiyou is the Chiness god of war.
  • Like the Destruction System, it is one of the few Heavy weapons that act like the Sniper Rifle.
  • Its projectiles are 90% hitscan, making it effective in all ranges.
  • As of 16.0.0 update, the upgrwde system that the real PG3D has was changed into the old upgrade system wherein upgrading the weapon is straightfoward (tap the "buy" button (provided your money is enough for the upgrade) and then the upgrade is instantaneous).
    • However, as for the Pixel Gun Conception Wiki's stats, the cost for upgrade level will still be intact while the weapons introduced in the 16.0.0 update will have no upgrade level cost, making upgrading weapons easier than how it was in the real Pixel Gun's 12.5.0 update, which had almost killed the game due to its efficiency and upgrade system being not what people wanted.