The Stun Knuckle is the Melee weapon introduced by MatthewGo707.

Appearance Edit

It is just your hand with the knuckle enclosed with electric shocks.

Strategy Edit

It has good damage, extreme rate of fire, massive ammo and proficient mobility.

Tips Edit

  • Aim through the head to deal additional damage.
  • Its high mobility allows you to escape from chaotic situations.
  • Use this weapon to ambush unwary Sniper users.
  • Try not to stand still while firing this weapon.
  • Take advantage of its "Slows the Target" attribute, since if one is hit by your weapon, he will slow down, making the user unlikely to run or jump, giving you time to attack him.

Counters Edit

  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Attack the user with shotguns, primaries, premium, and sniper weapons.
  • The damage is extremely noticeable especially if you have armor. Take note on the damage indicators to know of where is the attacker is.

Swinging soundEdit

Just A Hand's

Trivia Edit