• Hey Minecraftian, it's your "cousin" again lol. I have a few questions, just a few.¬†First, do you think it would be fine to change the main PG Wiki's theme to a shade of red or something, to fit in with the Christmas theme? If so, what colour schemes would you suggest. since you're online at the moment, I wanted to ask you first before I made any changes, as us staff members are a team, and I feel that making a change like that is a team decision. (Plus, I don't want to get in "trouble" with Leafy again, like I did when I changed the wiki's colour schemes to different shades of orange xD)

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    • Hey EC,

      I think it would be fine to change the theme, however I would suggest asking Leafy since he's kinda the leader of that.

      I would suggest a Candy-Cane red-like colour, something slightly dark.

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    • K, thanks. I will do that and keep that in mind.


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