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The Triple-Barreled Buddy is the Heavy weapon by MatthewGo707.


It looks like the revolver or Steam Power, but its barrels are replaced with Big Buddy's barrel.


This has high damage, low rate of fire, low capacity, and good mobility.


  • The Big Buddy Up2 is best for medium range where the opponent is trapped in a tight space.
  • If the player is attacking with the Big Buddy Up2 in short range, the player should be careful as to not inflict self explode damage.
  • Use the Singular Grenade to pull enemies together and kill them together with this weapon.
  • Due to its slow fire rate, you can use the rapid-fire exploit to fire the weapon fast.
    • To do this, fire the weapon, quickly switch to another weapon and back (this is a.k.a "Quick-swapping"). You should be able to fire again as soon as you switch back.
    • The weapon has a slow moving projectile, resulting it being best used for close-medium range combat (although if used too close can instantly kill the user also.)
  • It fires three rockets per fire, so


  • If the player sees a user firing at them from a distance, be warned it's a one shot kill, no matter what armor is. High mobility can put one out of harm's way.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges, as these users are key targets to be taken out.
  • Due to its poor mobility. Rapid firing weapons can easily give heavy damage to the user while area damage weapons disorient their aim.
  • Attack the user with a shotgun, melee or any ranged weapons when he is reloading, as CONSTANT reloads keeps the user very vulnerable to any attacks.
  • While attacking, stay airborne due to the area damage.
  • It is recommended to use double jump boots and other wear that makes you jump higher.


  • It looks like the mishmash of Signal Pistol, Steam Power and Big Buddy (hence its barrels).
  • This, the Hydra, the Double Dragon, and the Loud Piggy are the only weapons that bursts fire.
  • It looks like the flare gun-shaped version of Celebrational Bazooka.
  • This and the Signal Pistol are the only Heavy weapons that are revolver-like in appearance.


Triple-barreled Buddy 1

Triple-barreled Buddy 2

Triple-barreled Buddy 3