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The Turbo Death is a Backup weapon by MatthewGo707.


  • It is similar to Fast Death, with the long barrel, skull on the receiver, and the 100-round magazine, and the additional stock.


It has strong damage, high rate of fire, good ammo and proficient mobility.


  • Since this has a "Flight" attribute, you can fly around and hunt enemies from above.
  • Its high capacity allows you to fire for a long time.
  • Take advantage of its 4X scope as it is accurate in long ranges.


  • Wait for the user to land and then ambush them
  • Area Damage can make short work on its users, except when airborne.

Golden SkinEdit

  • Unlocked at Adamant League
  • Cost: 105 Coin


  • It is based on the Glock 24, but with automatic fire, the high-capacity magazine, and the additional stock.
  • This is similar to Fast Death UP2, except it has a scope and the automatic fire.
  • This is the only weapon to have a "Flight" attribute.
  • This has the most mobility of all Back Up weapons.
  • Killing its users will make the killer earn "Duck Hunt" achievement, whereas using this weapon while using jetpack to kill enemies will make the user earn the "Death from Above" achievement.