The Warship is the Multiplayer map by MatthewGo707.


It takes place on the Japanese WWII warship. It has many Mitsubishi A6M ("Zero") warplane that occupies nearly 50% of the spaces. It has the control center, situated on the tower-like structure (not the antenna). It has antennas that are used to receive/send signals from the ship and other carriers. There are waters that are moving, indicating that the warship is on the move.


  • Do not fall off to the water as this can instant kill you, except if you have a Jetpack (if you are lucky).
  • Don't stop strafing when attacking.
  • Use all-ranged weapons.
  • Enable second fire button, equip the Alien Blaster, and other ricochet weapons and a one-hit kill weapon like the Anti-Hero Rifle. Press the second fire button (above the joystick) and switch every gun constantly (except Primary, and Melee). This will improve your use between other weapons, and at the time you shot with a weapon, then using another, the first weapon you shot with would be recharging at the time you are using the second weapon.


  • World War 2-themed


  • The warship is based on the Shōkaku-class Japanese Aircraft Carrier Zuikaku.
    • The name of the warship means "Auspicious Crane".
    • This is the ship that took part on the attack of Pearl Harbor.
    • It was finally sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 25, 1944.
  • This is similar to the Cargo Ship (formerly Big Barge).
  • This is one of the maps that is surrounded by waters.
  • Equipping military-themed weapons (e.g. Hunter Rifle, V.A.L.K.Y.R.I.E) in this map can give you the illusion that you are in the real-life warship being occupied by the unruly people.

Music themeEdit

Cargo Ship Barge (12.2

Cargo Ship Barge (12.2.0) - Pixel Gun 3D Soundtrack

Warship's Theme Music